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  Civil Cases

     *Slip and Fall

     *Accident Benefits

     *Car Accidents

     *Medical Malpractice

     *Brain Trauma or Injury

     *Spinal Cord Injuries

     *Wrongful Death

     *Wrongful Dismissal

     *Insurance Claims

     *Sexual Assault Victims


     *Defective Products

     *Defective Workmanship


*Possession of Stolen Property
*Money Laundering

*Theft Over 5000, Theft Under 5000

*Fraud Over 5000, Fraud Under 5000


*Public Mischief

*Possession of Counterfeit Currency

*Production of Counterfeit Currency

*Cruelty to Animals

*False Pretenses

*Prowl By Night

*Youth Offences or charges to Young Persons

*Domestic Assault

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                       Criminal Cases



*Criminal Negligence (Causing Death  or Bodily Harm)

*Sexual Assault 


*Aggravated Assault

*Assault Causing Bodily Harm


*Break and Enter

*Importation of Drugs

*Production of Drugs

*Impaired Driving\Over 80 (Causing Death  or Bodily Harm)

*Possession of Narcotics


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